19 Reasons Why Stefith Is Awesome


It’s the my blog-buddy / supderduperamazingfriend / other-half-of-the-crazy-duo’s birthday today!! Having known her for at least a year and a half now, Stefith means so much to me and without her, I wouldn’t know what I would have done during my life in poly so far. So here’s some special 19 ways this cray cray, shopaholic girl is awesome, because it’s her 19th birthday.

  1. She gets my jokes
  2. Whenever I see her I fell happy bc I have a friend yay
  3. Listens to my countless rants without ever complaining
  4. We sleep at the same time
  5. We wake up at different times
  6. We’ve managed to run a CCA without scaring everyone away
  7. She gives me advice on how to handle troublesome people
  8. Her lameness (same level you see. Okay maybe mine higher)
  9. Her hugggssss
  10. How we can just sit at a cafe (or bar) and talk for hours about anything and everything
  11. My (online) shopping buddy
  12. Introduced me to the world of Zalora and more
  13. How we both secretly want to be popular
  14. Being there for me when I’m lost and lonely, not knowing what to do
  15. She is so smart.
  16. She understands how I feel
  17. And will punch people for me
  18. She plays along with my meows and bloops that it has become our own thing
  19. Just being Stefith and being someone who has gotten so important to me

Thank you, Stefith for all the times we’ve had together and for making my life so much better. Not to mention without you, we wouldn’t be running this amazing blog which we have managed to sustain so far!! Here’s to many more birthdays spent together, and many more conversations about shipping and life.

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