Into The Woods: The Preview


My friend and I managed to get tickets to the preview today for Into The Woods and we were soooo excited!! (Of course, special mention to Son who won the tickets but couldn’t go so passed it to us.)


If you haven’t already heard or watched the trailer of the much awaited film, you should know that the movie is filled with star-studded actors – the cast is simply amazing from Meryl Streep to Johnny Depp to Anna Kendrick. Amazing casting and such acting; really good and no doubt, Meryl Streep portrayed the witch with just the right amount of evilness and yet, you may or may not still like her a little and understand her pain as a mother during the course of the movie.

The combination of those fairytale stories were really interesting. All tied together with an original story for the musical about a Baker and his wife, the main characters find themselves going into the woods for various reasons, and their stories intertwined with that one coincidence link with the Baker. It’s fast paced at the beginning, so much so that I started to think if I was watching a preview of the movie or a fast forwarded versions and wondered where the hype and climax of the story was.

Not to worry if you were a big fan of the musical. The music and lyrics were all perfectly rhymed, perfectly placed. Sometimes you even know what the next word is even though you may not have watched the musical before. The two Acts are also clearly defined.

However, the biggest let down was the whole plot. I was so upset with the ending – it just didn’t seem right and it didn’t seem like it fulfilled the whole movie. I have to say that how the different stories were related to each other was interesting and it didn’t feel like it was forced during the first half of the film. Second half though, I felt it was almost like a mess. My friend and I were confused as to what exactly was happening: why the Prince was flirting and kissing the Baker’s wife, how her sudden death was unnecessary and Rapunzel’s story could have been easily taken out as it didn’t add much value to the whole plot.

If only the plot could have been better, the movie would have easily earned at least an 8 because of the cast and production was quite well done too. But I’m giving this at most a 6/10. I’ll say watch it at home as going to the cinemas may not be as worth it and you’ll get to replay the song numbers as well.

If you think otherwise, do comment below and tell us how you felt about the movie and who your favourite character is!!

Into The Woods opens on 15 Jan 2015 in Singapore.


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