Crossover Friends


Open House 2015 just ended, and I’ve met so many people there as well as the past year. I’ve learnt so many things through the people I’ve met. This particular group of friends have been there for me in unexpected times. They mean so much to me. But what exactly are crossover friends?

Well, here’s a simple definition I came up with:

Crossover friends are friends who have made a leap over to your other social circles and eventually become part of it.

So you know them in two places now, rather than just from school or work or wherever.

It’s a friend, that you’ve originally known from school, and he/she decides to come for your church youth ministry one day and subsequently decides to come every week, so much so that your church friends know him too. And now you can say you know him from both school and church.

They’re really important. REALLY important to me. It just says a lot – like how they’ve decided to go the extra mile for you and you have that extra connection with them. It’s like they actually bother about the other aspects of your life, and want to know more rather than just going on with the usual boring stuff that you talk about everyday.

It’s what makes them more fun people to be with, and there’s more things to talk about, more inside jokes and tales – making everything seem better. And every day, surprisingly, I’m making more and more of these so called crossover friends. 

So this post goes out to all my crossover friends. I just want to say a huge “THANK YOU” for all of you out there because you’ve been there for me and I am very grateful for that. Thank you for all the times we spent together and how you guys have managed to so smoothly slip in those other social circles and knocked the boundaries that surrounded it; for being who you are without me forcing you through, and for being the best people in my life ever.


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