A Grumpy Cat Christmas


“Deck the halls? Deck me in the face.”

I have just wasted one and a half hours of my life watching a crazy, fourth-wall smashing, utterly inane, and utterly strange movie featuring the misadventures of a rather unhappy cat.

Folks, I’m talking about Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever.

Grumpy Cat TV Movie

For those who know me, you all probably know that Grumpy Cat is my spirit animal. I connect on an emotional level with the cat. I adore the Grumpy Cat memes, I love looking at photos and watching videos of the cat, and I even have a stuffed Grumpy Cat toy clipped to my sling bag. At the moment, the display pictures on my Twitter, Whatsapp and Telegram are of Grumpy Cat in a Santa hat, in the spirit of Christmas.

This is the photo I'm using for my Christmas display pictures.

This is the picture I’m using for my Christmas display themes.

So naturally, when I heard that there was going to be a Grumpy Cat Christmas movie, I had to watch it. And I was very good- I waited till it came to cable in my area, instead of illegally downloading it because it came out nearly a month earlier in the US.

So I’ve watched it: and like I said, I’ve wasted one and a half hours of my life.

The movie tells the story of Chrystal, a lonely young girl who struggles to make friends and wishes for a friend upon who she can depend.

She gets Grumpy Cat.

Voiced by Aubrey Plaza (famous for playing the deadpan April Ludgate in Parks and Recreation), the movie details how Chrystal and Grumpy work together in order to foil a plot to steal an expensive dog.

It’s mindless entertainment, really. The movie smashes the fourth wall to pieces, and has all sorts of nonsense, like Grumpy narrating the story, providing alternate timelines, and gaining “superpowers” (only to lose them when someone comments on the implausibility of the scenario).

The show is feel good and laugh hard, and as much as I adore Grumpy Cat, I’m quite glad I didn’t pay money to watch it. It’s not worth the cash.

It’s a fun show, great for wasting time and staring in disbelief and having a good snicker. It’s especially more enjoyable if you appreciate the kind of sarcastic, deadpan humour that Grumpy channels- which I do, so I was pretty entertained.

The one great thing about the show is, quite honestly, Aubrey Plaza. She channels the depreciating humour and dry wit that we have come to associate with Grumpy Cat (thank you, Internet memes) and she does a pretty good job of bringing Grumpy Cat to life.

Would I watch this movie again? Probably not. Would I recommend that you watch it? Well, I leave that choice to you.

All in all, Grumpy Cat’s Worst Christmas Ever isn’t the best thing to hit your screens… but I’d hardly say it’s the worst.

And hey, if you like Grumpy Cat, just watch it. It’s not fantastic, but it isn’t totally awful either.



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