Do You Love Me?


It’s been one week since confirmation camp. How am I still not over it?!

Here’s my testimony. Not as a participant, but as a service team member trying to handle far more than she can take.

I was in the facil team, and the music team. I also had to pray over during the healing session and it was hard. It was so hard to focus when my mind was everywhere, figuring out what I had to do and what was going to happen next. In short, the 4 days I spent in church was more or less stressful.

When I first met my fellow confirmands, or Seekers as we call them, in my group, I asked them for their expectations of the camp in one word. Most of them were positive, with “fun” and “spiritual”, but there was this one who said “boring”. Expected. But we’ll try.

The Seekers knew nothing about what was going to happen to them, and me being their facil, I was so excited for them because the itinerary was just amazing. So many opportunities, and nothing our church has ever done before. And to know that they will feel God’s tangible presence like how I did gave me hope.

“Pray, Hope and Don’t Worry” – St Padre Pio

I prayed hard, so hard that the Seekers will feel God and know of God’s love. I didn’t hope much, but I hoped that God would use me as an instrument for His greater glory. I worried too much during the camp, before the camp and in hindsight, that worry was just so unnecessary.

Through all these, there is only one thing I will always remember from the camp – the Seekers singing their hearts out, praising God in the songs we sang and lifting their hands up to Him. One whole year we’ve journeyed with them and we always sang one song before Sunday’s sessions. Yeah, there were mumbles, lips moving, but never full out singing let alone jumping and clapping and lifting of hands.

Watching them grow, all of them grow towards God is just so amazing and it warms my heart. I’m just so grateful to Him for using me again and again, despite my weaknesses and despite worrying too much. Because the change in them is real, the seed planted will grow, and that one step took will bring the Seekers closer.

As I’ve written in their warm fuzzies, this is just the start of the journey – a lifelong journey to venture into the wilderness towards Christ.

And I got to see it all.



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