Dreams are strange indeed


Admit it, dreams are strange.

Today I visited my grandma, and she shared a strange dream she had- she dreamed that she was catching filleted fish.

That’s a quaint dream, and I’m no stranger to having odd dreams myself.

Dreams are, according to every student’s favourite resource (here’s looking at you, Wikipedia) “successions of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations that occur involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of sleep.”

I’m sure we’ve all had dreams- I myself often have ones of funky experiences- and our dreams range from the mundane to the quaint.

The Ancient Egyptians believed that dreams were a perception of things that existed, but could not be manifested in waking life, and often sought advice and solutions from dreams. This was something that the Greeks learned from them, and indeed, various cultures across the ages have had different beliefs about dreams. The Native Americans have dream catchers, which are supposed to “catch” bad dreams and only let the good dreams slip through, and some Chinese believe that if you have a bad dream, you need to talk about it in order to “break” it.

I’ve also been told of a belief that dreams allow you to “cross over” into the body of an alternate version of you living in a parallel universe. As such, your dreams are actually real experiences- just experienced by a different version of you in a different world. If you think that multiverses are a thing, you may be inclined to agree with this- though that doesn’t explain dreams of floating chicken nuggets, unless there does exist a universe in which chicken nuggets float in the air.

One strange fact I’ve found so far is that some people remember their dreams in clear detail, whereas others wake up to find their dreams slipping away from them (I belong to the this group), and some don’t remember anything at all.

Dreams are elusive and intangible, but I find them truly fascinating- who knows, perhaps one day in the distant future, we’ll get to the bottom of them.

For now though, let me just tell you what my latest dream was: I dreamed that I worked in a tattoo/piercing parlour as a piercer, which I suspect probably means that whatever job I was working at that point in time was not exciting enough for me.

Dream on, friends.


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