School’s In!


You know, if people say “School’s out!” to mark the start of the holidays, can I say “School’s in!” when the semester starts?

……stop looking at me like that.

Yes, school has started for both Sarach and I- we’re both midway through our three-year diploma program, and it seems to be shaping up to be a stressful experience for everyone involved.

Earlier this week, Sarach shared her feelings about her first day of school (you may read about her angst in glorious detail here). Now, it’s my turn- except I’ll be talking about my first week of the new semester.


Well to be really honest, the first week went pretty well. I’ve received one assignment already (boohoo) but I haven’t felt the urge to punch anyone yet, nor have I had a bout of hysterics. So that’s definitely a good start. Plus, my modules this semester are pretty interesting, and I’m certain I’ll learn a lot.

So while school has kicked off on a somewhat positive note (because when is starting school ever 100% positive), I’m already starting to feel some of the strain. This semester is an accelerated one (we only have 14 teaching weeks, rather than the usual 15) so things are going at a breakneck speed- I’ve already received one assignment, and the little paranoid worm at the back of my head is starting to squeal.

Additionally, things are going to be more challenging for me this semester, and time management is going to be extremely important. Not only do I have to balance school, co-curricular activities, this blog, and my own personal life, I’ve also got work to think about. I’m keeping my part-time job as a salesgirl (technically I’m a retail associate, but we all know what that means), so I definitely need to plan my schedule well and make sure I get things done.

I get the feeling that my biggest enemy this semester may be procrastination- so here’s hoping I’ll be able to kick it in the butt and work as effectively as possible.

Sarach said that she thinks she’ll need divine intervention in order to survive, and I’m pretty inclined to agree.

Here’s to this new semester of school- I hope that we’ll not only survive, but thrive.


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