Driving. On actual roads.


With actual cars. Traffic lights. Having to look left and look right. And all while still trying to keep straight.

Plus, it was a total surprise. Or shock rather.

Usually, I’ll drive at this area with not much traffic and we’ll go round in a circle, almost like making out own circuit around the place. And we’ll usually turn left.

But this time, at the usual left turn, he asked me to turn right and I was like UH WHAT WHAT WHAT okay tries to turn right?? Which lead me into this really twisty and turny route with loads of big trucks parked at each side and I had to coordinate the changing of gear and making sure I don’t crash into anything or anyone.

I was internally freaking out. I wasn’t used to the route and wasn’t sure where the road was heading, which way I’m supposed to turn and controlling the speed so I wouldn’t go too fast.

Then it came a sigh of relief when the road opened up to this two lane road which was relatively straight and vehicles only moved in one direction. Phew, I thought, maybe we’ll go back to where we started and swap so I wouldn’t need to drive anymore.

Instead of doing that, however, my instructor lead me on to drive to the MAIN ROADS where there were LOADS of vehicles and TRAFFIC LIGHTS which was super scary because I’ve never drove like that before and if I was freaking out before, I was dying now. There were so many things to look out for and to take note of, my multitasking skills had to be really good to do all that.

It was scary man. I could have died. But I must say it was pretty thrilling too.


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