Llao Llao: Yay or Nay?


The other day, we had dinner and some drinks (you can bet that Stefith was happy) with our friends and one of them, Jules, was craving Llao Llao.

First thing’s first: What is Llao Llao?

Well, Llao Llao is a brand. They sell frozen yogurt (made from skimmed milk) and allow you to pick all kinds of fruits, sauces, and crunchy things to add in it. You can get them in various forms – the usual just-put-the-damn-topping-on-top, fruit slush with the fro-yo (called Sensations) or the one that we got, Sanum3 choices of fresh fruit, and a pick of one crunch, layered between soft yogurt and topped off with your choice of sauce.

Llao Llao is extremely popular right now – which got us thinking: is it really worth the hype? Or is it just overrated? So we decided to put it to the test.

Basically, we shared two types of Sanum: one with caramel sauce, muesli crunch, bananas, strawberries and kiwi, and the other with Rafaello sauce (a white chocolate/coconut mixture), Fruity Pebbles, watermelon, kiwi and strawberries.

Llao Llao 2

So what do we think?

Sarach: I think the yogurt itself is pretty normal, but the toppings are interesting, like museli with chocolate, candy milk (caramel), white chocolate with coconut. They’re things that are unusual, but go great with the yogurt. It’s fun too, both to eat and figuring out which toppings you want. May not exactly be worth queuing for 45mins during peak hours, give it a go when the queue is relatively short.

Stefith: Well, we got to the shop and I promptly had a mini- heart attack, because the queue was so long it had to be split into two, and there was a security guard on hand to help with crowd control. It’s apparently that popular. We queued, and I agree with Sarach- the yogurt is nothing special, and the unique selling point of Llao Llao is their wide variety of toppings and sauces, as well as their admittedly cute spoon, which looks like a blade of grass. Additionally, it does give off the ‘healthy’ vibe, with its green colour scheme and the use of skimmed milk in their yogurt, so that’s great if you want to delude yourself into thinking you’re eating healthily. The muesli is my favourite crunch – it goes very well with the yogurt, and you’ll probably see it in my next cup of Llao Llao. I’m not sure if I’d queue for the froyo, but I certainly would like to eat it again.

So, the verdict? Yay for the toppings!! We both agree that there’s nothing really special about the yogurt itself, but we’d definitely go back for the variety of toppings available.


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