Drive like it’s a Mario Kart game


It’s thrilling. It’s twisting. It’s thinking of where to look, which way to turn and which paddle to press on. It’s just like a Super Mario Kart game.

I’m terrible at Mario Kart games. I go off the track every few seconds, scream and shout dramatically, and also, I always come in last – no matter how horrible the rest of the players are. I’m just more horrid.

Today was my very first driving practical lesson and I was so excited. I’ve been waiting for more than 18 years of my life to get my hands on the driver’s wheel and actually really stepping on that accelerator paddle. It was AWESOME.

Unlike Stefith (who will be sharing later on her first lesson, which also happens to be today), I decided to go private with my driving course. Hence, fees are a little cheaper (depending on which company you go to) and lesson time slots are a lot more flexible. Having only taken and passed my Basic Theory Test last Monday, I was able to start today, which is much earlier than that if you register under the schools.

I don’t get to drive on the circuit though. Instead, my instructor took us to the remote farm area where few vehicles travel. A little on my driving instructor: he’s such a Grandpa, probably retired a few years ago, and taking on a job to coach aspiring drivers just to kill some time.

He brought me through all the technicalities of driving and the various car mechanics. With no notebook in hand, I tried to at least remember half of what he said. Might have failed, but it’s okay. Hesitant at first, I managed to at least drive a little, played around with the gears and make a few turns with the help of my instructor.

Driving is really, really fun. I love it. Nothing like how I play Mario Kart. Absolutely nothing like it. Thank God.


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