my pretty circle face

“It’s just hair-pulling craziness.”


Just in case it wasn’t clear: I don’t think I’m much of a writer. THEN WHY DID YOU AGREE TO DO THIS?! Well, you see, I thought that maybe my life would be interesting to be written down in a book blog since Stefith is my outlet for rants and whatnots, and she strangely finds them amusing. So when she suggested starting this book blog for the both of us, I thought “Why not?

Now that that’s settled, let’s get back to what I was supposed to say. Yes, I don’t usually reveal much about myself in the online world other than through song lyrics and food photos. However, you’ll soon be able to figure out what I’m like, and what I really think through the various writings that I will write (or at least try to write).

People often describe me as loud and dramatic – which is exactly what I am. I tend to laugh too much, and cry too much; speak too much, and eat too much. My jokes are probably going to be as lame as your dad’s. But trust me, they are funny. Really. They are.

In any case that you still want to know more about me, keep your eyes peeled like how you peel an orange on this site. It’s gonna be pretty damn sweet.


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