“I’m only human, you know- majestically flawed.”


Hola amigos, Stefith is the name, and writing about the inane things that happen to me is only part of the game. I’m a twenty-year-old Social Sciences student, living in a sunny, tiny island in the tropics, who eats copious amounts of junk food, and is fond of anything cute and quaint. Stuffed animals are love (though I’m running out of space for them in my room) and chocolate is the best thing ever, for I adore it in all its incarnations. I’m also obsessed with fried/barbecued food (chicken wings are a gift from above) and lemon meringue tarts, as well as most things with smoked salmon.

Hyphens, dashes, commas and brackets are often gleefully abused in my writing (as should be pretty obvious by now) because they help me express the strange thoughts that come forth from my strange mind.

While my sense of humour is a bit warped (and I sometimes sound like a cynical old crone), I advocate the power of positive energy- having the right mindset as you go about your day makes all the difference, though I do know that some people (who do not appreciate the importance of positive vibes, like, hello) find my ray of sunshine to be utterly blinding.

While I spend my spare time sleeping, eating or devising schemes to rule the world, I also do volunteer work at a children’s home by helping them with assorted administrative/media-related stuff. I believe strongly in the cyclical nature of the world, and that what goes around comes around, so I’m always trying to make sure things don’t come back to metaphorically bite me in the butt.

Alcohol is a solution (at least according to my high school Chemistry textbook) and really, it is never too early for a drink. I’d rather be someone’s shot of whiskey than everybody’s cup of tea (because let’s face it, not many people can handle the massive ego that is me). Kawaii rebels live forever, but immortality’s kind of overrated anyway.

I write about anything and everything, so I think you’re in for a pretty interesting time here with Sarach and Stefith.

Rock on, amigos, I hope you enjoy the ride.


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