Greetings and Salutations


Hello there! Welcome to Sarach & Stefith, a blog detailing the life and times of two crazy girls living in a crazy world. We’re both 18-year-old Roman Catholic communication students living on a tropical island with lots of sun (and also lots of rain) with a great passion for life and an openness to new experiences. We have a lot of things in common- especially a love of writing, which motivated us to start up this blog- but we’re also really different in various ways. We’re gonna blog about anything and everything under the sun here, ranging from making granola to karmic retribution, from selling shoes to relationship woes. Expect the unexpected, and have an open mind, as you read about our lives here on this blog. So, who exactly are we? Well, stay tuned, because we’ll be writing more about ourselves real soon- which is great, because then you’ll be able to learn more about us!


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